February 2007 Newsletter - Alpine Fly Fishers


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President: Bill Aubrey (253-678-3683)
Vice President: Stan Calavan (360-893-7217)
Treasurer: Duffy Christy (253-569-7965)
Secretary: Fred Fishback (253-845-2005)
Ghilly: Steve Egge (253-841-1093)
Librarian: Al McWilliams (253-606-0037)
November, 2006
Editor: Fred Fishback
(253) 845-2005

Meeting -

Tuesday, January 27, 2007
Niftys Fiftys Pub and Grill,
8924 Canyon Road E, Puyallup
Telephone 253-531-8202
Wet Line 6:30 P.M., Dry Line 7:30 P.M.

Program: Jim Higgins Volunteers as February’s Speaker

Jim Higgins has volunteered to be our speaker this month. The program will be on fly fishing knots and how to tie them, with audience participation. Bring your nippers.

Northwest Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo 2007 March 9th and 10th Albany, Oregon
By Jim Fisher

The Oregon Council Federation of Fly Fishers and the Federation Fly Fisher Clubs of Oregon are organizing and providing to the public the 19th Northwest Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo March 9th and 10th, 2007. The event will be held at the Linn County Fair and Expo Center in Albany, Oregon.
This year’s event has expanded and will include:

1. Fly Tyer demonstration: 70 tyers will be demonstrating at a time and rotating every 3 hours (170 different tyers have register to be present).
2. Classes on tying, casting, and fishing: 40 classes are being offer pre- registration is recommended (prices range from $5.00 to $100.00)
3. Destination Theater will provide programs on fishing and conservation –free with changing menu’s hourly.

Reminder that FFF members are free if they have their membership card with them – there will be no way the Stonefly Maidens can check membership at the door. Classes are filling up rapidly - so go to the website and register if you want to take any classes or dinner tickets for the banquet. www.nwflytyersexpo.com
Thank you for your support.

Club Direction Topic of Discussion
By President Bill Aubrey

Several club members met at Steve Egge's in early February and set out some tentative plans for programs and outings. Duffy has agreed to open her golf course to us for a fly fishing fair and casting demos and classes some Saturday this spring. More on this at the meeting. I envision classes, fly tying, hands on discussions of pontoon boats, float tubes, kick boats, rods, reels, lines, flies, etc. It should be fun, and hopefully, very educational.

Fly Fishers are a Hit at the Sportsmen’s Show!!!

The many volunteers form Puget Sound Fly Fishers, The South Sound Club and Alpine Fly Fishers have distinguished themselves in their efforts to promote fly fishing in general and the fly clubs in particular at the recent Sportsmen's Show in the Puyallup Fair grounds.

Those of us who do the paper work know that without the effort put forth by the many volunteers we wouldn't have much success. To all the volunteers a heartfelt THANK YOU with special thanks to Larry Gibbs and Jim Higgins for their help in setting up our booth. Thanks to Joe Uhlman and Fred Fishback for their help in getting the word out to their clubs.

For the members who allowed us to use their pictures to decorate our booth, thanks, the pictures generated a lot of interest in what we are fishing for and how we are fishing.
Thanks Again, Pat Blackwell

Dressing For Winter Fishing

(Following is an excerpt By Ted Patlen of the Connecticut Fly Fisher’s in the FFF Clubwire, for the entire article on winter fishing, follow this link http://www.fedflyfishers.org/ClubWireArchives/CWArchiveMain.htm )

Dressing for winter fishing is simple; dress warm and wear layers of wool or polar fleece. Fingerless gloves are useful (extra pairs are a godsend too). One very important thing, do not dress tightly. Clothing that is too restrictive inhibits circulation thus you get colder. That goes threefold for your feet. A thin pair of polyester, nylon type dress socks under a pair of 80 to 100% wool socks is all I use. I've fished for up to four hours, in an ice filled, freezing stream, during February with this clothing arrangement before I needed to move around. Air pockets between the looser layers of fabric will greatly assist you in keeping warm. Now, let's see...sleep late, fish slowly, dress warm, catch fish, then go home early and eat dinner. Is this fishing or what!

Fly of the Month by Jim Higgins

Hook: Daiichi 1150, size 10-18
Bead: Gold Cyclops
Thread: 8/0 Olive
Gills: White Antron Yarn
Rib: Fine Copper Wire
Body: Green Mylar
Thorax: Peacock Herl

Start by putting the bead over the point of the hook - large hole side first. Put the hook into the vise. Start tying thread right behind the eye of the hook and wind back on the shank the length of the bead. Tie in a short piece of white antron yarn so that it extends over the eye of the hook. Whip finish and cut the thread off. Do not build this area up too much. Now slide the bead over the tie in point. Restart the thread just behind the bead and catch a 4-6" piece of fine copper wire as you wind back to just over the barb. Leave the wire extending to the rear as it will be used as a tag and rib in later steps. Wind the thread forward to the bead. Tie in the green mylar and wind it in tight wraps to the rear covering all the base thread. Then wrap the green mylar back over itself to just behind the bead and tie off. Cut off excess mylar. Next wind the wire in two tight wraps at the rear of the fly and then spiral forward to behind the bead and tie off. Cut off the excess wire. Behind the bead tie in 3 strands of peacock herl and wind around the tying thread to form a peacock chenille. Take two turns of the peacock chenille around the hook just behind the bead and tie off the peacock chenille and cut off excess. Whip finish between the bead and peacock. When using head cement on this fly be careful not to let the cement wick into the peacock.

Green Bead Chironomid

Bead Head Chironomid

Future Speakers/Programs:

Knots-- Feb
Jeff Brazda
Jim Kerr
Skip Morris
Game Dept Salmon Enhancement Group
Sean Gallagher
Bob Alston and Steve Egge--Christmas Island
Tim Rajeff
Al Lind--PSFF (Al has confirmed)

2007 Outings:

Salt (Beach) February
Trophy Lake Early March
Lake Lenore (Chironomdis) March 16-18
Omak Lake March 30-April 1
Yakima April
Teal Lake May 18-20 (1 day)
Deschutes River OR Mid-May-mid-June
East Lake, OR (By Bend) June 8-11
Coldwater Lake July 21-22
Leech lake August
Lake Takalak August
Brown's Point (Humpies) August 17-18
Silver Lake October
Chum November
Canada 2008

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