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Day 5 of 6

The last day of fishing ... it promised to be the best. The fish were supposed to be bigger here and a bit harder to catch. The ride was short so we would get in more fishing time ... GREAT!

For breakfast we had pancakes and eggs with some of the trout from Cornwell lake we caught the day before. VERY NICE. Steve mentioned that it would be nice if we could bring some home again so he could give a couple of them to his folks. So we headed off with high hopes of good fishing. We had gotten to know our horses well over the past 5 days and mounted up.

Steve on ChickencrikView from the Saddle of ChickencrickJulia with Paint

We arrived at the lake and blew up all of our tubes. The lake was by far the biggest we had yet been in but there was plenty of back cast room from shore. It was easily covered with a float tube. The "Tubers" did best going down with an intermediate line and a black size 12 woolley bugger (thanks for sharing Bob) and a pheasant tail nymph trailer. Fishing was slower but when you got one ... wow ... "did I tie my knots right, maybe I should get the fish on the reel" were thoughts that raced through my mind. The didn't jump much but boy did they head throb and occasionally peel line off. Largest cutts we had run across in the trip. The guys casting from shore did well on nymphs, ants, and parachute adams also.

Every day we were told to bring our rain gear ... but we hadn't needed it ... today was the day ... rain ... and then hail up to 1/3 of an inch pelted Doug and I as we fished out the storm. Fishing actually picked up during this time. Just when you didn't think it could rain harder ... it did ... causing one to laugh and enjoy the weather then set the hook on a feisty trout.

Relaxing at Remmel Bob & Julia doing a slow trollDoug releasing a nice cutt during the mild part of the rainstorm Remmel Cutthroat

We were dryer in the float tubes with our waders on than we were on horseback with forgotten rain pants. But the ride back was short and the weather did let up. Once back we hung the wet Jeans in the wall tent while awaiting another sumptuous dinner. A nice hot Spaghetti and meatball dinner with a pineapple upside down cake for dessert.

Dutch Oven Baking Gale with Pineapple Upside Down Cake made in Dutch Oven Our Hosts: Steve, Gale, and Jess

Pineapple upside down cake shown by Gale ... the Dutch Oven Master Chef. We were able to get a shot iin front of the wall tent of our guides, wanglers, poetry and joke tellers, and cook: Steve Darwood, Gale Brown, and Jess Darwood. Then we posed for an end of the trip group shot.

Last Night Group Photo

We still had Scotch, Tequila, Dry Fly Vodka, to polish off while we finished out last washer game. We turned in looking forward to dry jeans by morning.

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