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Day 1 of 6

I am so glad I didn't have to do this on foot! Steve and Jess Darwood packed our stuff in in canvas manny sheets and lashed them to the mules. I think we brought way more than he expected, and with some thought we left a few unnecessary things behind. As this was our introductory trip to not only the Pasayten Wilderness but also to packing in on horses, our planning left a bit to be desired. Still, Steve and Jess managed to get all we needed onto the mules and get it to camp. The Darwoods had a staging area just down from road from the Andrews Creek trail head near the end of the NF - 51 road.

Gear loaded up into manney packs Jess and Steve Pass us while we eat lunch on the way up

We started up and Jess and Steve passed us while we ate lunch on the way up. The area was recovering from a previous fire (we were one canyon away from the "thirty mile fire". This actually made for better vistas on the way up. You could see the hills and mountains looming in the distance. Downed trees all laying in the same direction were a testament to the incredible winds generated in this wildfire. Gale Brown led our troop to the camp.

Gale Brown Leads the way Night horse grazing after the trek

After 17 miles we finally arrived to see the beauty of our campsite. We all made it without much problem, even though many of us had little or know experience riding horses. Steve turned his "night horse" out to pasture for a quick feed among the wildflowers and we settled around the campfire after a wonderful steak dinner.

Campfire The 2 Cents Brand of Steve Darwood

We turned in after sampling the libations we brought with us ... just to make sure they traveled well ... they did!

About a 4800 foot climb, 17 miles ... glad I was on a horse!

. Profile of Trail from Andrews Creek Trailhead to Cascade Wilderness Outfitters Base Camp

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