Lower Cathedral Lake

Panorama of Lower Cathedral lake

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Day 2 of 6

We woke up to the sound of the horses returning to camp at about 5 am and most of us fell back asleep while Steve and Jess rounded up the horses and the mules. The Horses (except one "night horse" which is kept saddled) are turned loose every night with their front legs hobbled. Two of the mares have bells placed around their necks (the bell mares) and the other horses stay with them as well as the mules (which are not hobbled). Despite the "hobbles" the horses get around fairly well and once turned out for the night the often disappear over the ridge till morning when they return. Some days they returned earlier than others. But they were always rewarded for their return by a bit of grain to eat.

Coffee was on at 6 and breakfast at 7. Eggs, bacon, sausage, toast and potatoes set the tone.

We saddled up for a 2.5 mile ride to Lower Cathedral Lake. Upon our arrival there were fish rising (see picture above). We fished from tubes and from shore. Lots of Cutts, Rainbows and Cutt/Bows ... It was my first time using a black ant pattern and they worked well. Parachute adams was also a good fly on this lake. Going wet with a Woolley Bugger and a Pheasant tail nymph, Bob Alston got a double!

Bob Alston with a Double hookup Pat Blackwell throwing a line Mike Velke getting close up and personal with Mr. Cutthroat

The fish were willing either from a tube or shore. Pat Blackwell was letting his casting certification show while Mike Velke enjoyed a close up of a nice Cutt.

After fishing we broke our gear down and Steve and Jess put it all in a Manney Cloth and packed up the Mules. We saddled up for a 5 mile ride out to the Canadian boarder. I was looking at my GPS ... "Steve I think we are 20 feet into Canada". "Turn around was the answer" and In doing so I saw a clear cut swath was visible delineating the boarder, we were in the middle of it and my GPS map was off a tad.

Doug & Julia Smith at the Boarder, Note tree clearcut over Dougs left Shoulder Our group at the border

Then we rode the 3.5 miles back to camp amid the wildflowers

Crossing an alpine Medow with wildflowers

Dinner of breaded pork chops and all the fixin's and we were treated to a beautiful sunset. The horses were hobbled and set free for the night

Horse with Hobbled front legs Sunset with the horses turned free for the night

Campfire and Cowboy poetry followed and we turned in for the night


Profile of The Cathedral Lake fishing day Ride

This is a profile of the days journey on horseback. 11.2 miles with quite a bit of up and down.

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