Cornwell Lake

Panorama of Cornwell Lake

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Day 4 of 6

Cornwell lake was the next lake on our sites. We were half way through our trip. The lake was billed as having quite a number of medium sized fish. Bigger than those in Lower Cathedral, and more numerous than Upper Cathedral. Steve was dead on in his predictions. We could just barely see Cornwell lake from the top of the Amphitheater the day before. Just a sliver of reflection at about 6900 feet seen among the trees nestled beneath the bowl which formed on the north face of Remmel Mountain.

Steve and Jess packed our gear tightly with rods horizontal to the ground. We were told that the trail was a bit rough and through the trees. Placing the few 2 piece rods we had in this manner meant that they were less likely to hang up on the branches.

We headed out after a hearty Biscuits and Gravy breakfast. The biscuit were baked to perfection in the Dutch Oven by Gale. We moved south to "Spanish Camp" then onto the Remmel Lake trail for a short while only to veer southeast on a less well used trail to the lake.

Tight trail through trees Julia in Pontoon

Again fishing was great and a little more plentiful. We elected to thin out the fish a bit and take a few back for breakfast. Jess caught the biggest fish casting from shore.

A great game of "Washers Toss" ensued with makeshift stakes. Mike Vekle threw the only "ringer". Pat and I wandered into the nearby fields for some photos:

Camp with Washer Game Contest Wildflowers at edge of trees

Indian Paintbrush, Luppen, and Astral were just a few of the wildflowers we saw.

Vista from Medow Pat in a Photographers Paridise

We finished off another great dinner of Mexican Chicken and rice with some bread pudding baked with a wee bit of bourbon for dessert!
Tomorrow we head off to the big lake ... Remmel. So we hit the sack.

The round trip to Cornwell Lake on Profile.

Profile of tail to Cornwell lake and back

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